Fiat Seicento / Cinquecento

Fiat Seicento / Cinquecento

   Fits the oryginal gearbox
   Available in „1 Way” „1,5 Way” or „2 Way” version
   Smooth regulation and power transfer to the wheels


KOMOT Sport limited-slip differential, made of the highest quality, provides unprecedented grip and driving confidence. It’s one of the basic elements of a sports car.

KOMOT Sport limited slip differentials, thanks to the use of plates, block uncontrolled skid of one wheel in relation to the other. This results in better grip, predictability and driving confidence. A wide selection of ramp angles and smooth adjustment of the pre-engagement allow our LSD to be adapted to the driving style of each driver. It does not matter if you ride in gravel rallies, track races or rallycros, KOMOT Sport plate differentials work well in every discipline and conditions.


Specification of the Fiat Seicento / Cinquecento plate differential:

Two version available – pressed gear or bolted gear
Number of friction plates: 12

Types of ramps (ramp angles):

  • 1 way (30/90; 35/90; 45/90)
  • 1.5 way (35/60; 30/60; 45/60)
  • 2 way (35/35; 45/45; 60/60)

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