Honda B16/B18 Dogbox Gearkit

Honda B16/B18 Dogbox Gearkit


Helical or straight cut gears with dogrings
Homologated gear ratios available
Extremely durable thanks to the latest processing technologies

High surface quality guarantees low internal resistance

Tested in tough racing conditions
Fast and smooth gear shifting

  Hill climb

This Komot Sport® dogbox was designed for the Honda B16 / B18 to maximize its performance. Faster gear changes, greater precision and appropriate gear ratios are just some of the advantages of changing from a synchronized gearbox to a dogbox gearbox.

The great advantage of our gear set is the ability to choose HELICAL gears.

  • They work much quieter, which translates into driving comfort, e.g. when you have to get to track day or when commuting to rally special stages.
  • They are just as strong as straight cut gears.
  • The original gearbox housing and its bearing work better with helical gears, because they guarantee a better distribution of forces in the gearbox and, consequently, lower wear of parts.

Gearkit includes:

  Five-speed gears and shafts set
  Bearing set

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