K420 Universal FWD sequential gearbox

K420 Universal FWD Sequential Gearbox


Drive: FWD
Layout: transverse
Number of gears: 5, 6 or 7
Type: sequential
Strength: 1400 Nm
Gear cut: straight
Oil pump: in standard, built-in

Gearbox accessories included:

Gear lever
Plate LSD
Clutch release bearing
Sensors (temperature, gear position, revers gear)
Gear display
Oil pump (possibility of connecting and oil cooler and filter)
Custom flange


K420 is a sequential gearbox for cars with transverse engine and two-wheel drive. Thanks to the three-shaft design, it is very durable and compact at the same time. An oil pump is used in it for better oil flow. This results in an increase in efficiency, resistance to extreme conditions and reduces the internal resistance of the gearbox. The gear shifting mechanism used is very stiff and precise, which affects the speed and confidence of shifting gears. We used the latest technological solutions in the field of mechanical solutions and heat treatment. Thanks to this, our universal gearbox can do its job perfectly.

K420 sequential gearbox can be adapted to most cars with transverse engine and 2WD.

It can be configured as a 5, 6 or 7 speed gearbox to perfectly fit your expectations.

The K420 gearbox has a very simple flange that allows it to be easily adapted to the engine.

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