K24 RWD 6-speed Sequential Gearbox

K24 RWD 6-speed Sequential Gearbox


Drive: rear wheels
Layout: in-line
Number of gears: 6
Type: sequential
Strength: 1000 Nm
Gear cut: straight(optional helical)
Oil pump: in standard, built-in
Weight: 41 kg

Gearbox accessories included:

Oil pump (possibility of connecting and oil cooler and filter)
Clutch release bearing

Gear display
Sensors (temperature, gear position, revers gear)


The K24 is a universal sports gearbox adapted to the toughest tasks. Thanks to the use of large spacing of the shafts, a light and durable aluminum housing, and efficient oil lubrication, it can withstand up to 1000Nm. It is used in every rear-wheel drive car where high durability and reliability are required.

The gearbox has a very simple flange that allows it to be easily adapted to the engine.

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